Plans for 2012

Thank you to all those who have been patiently waiting to find out what the next instalment of my travels will be. I'm in the lucky position of being able to go travelling again this year, that's if I tighten my belt a bit while I'm on the road and perhaps get into a bit of debt, before I make it back.

As I've already mentioned, I'm heading to America first to give some talks and presentations, I'll be at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff, Arizona 17th to 20th May, then the GS Giants event near Salt Lake City in Utah the following weekend, up to Oregon, Seattle, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, (though not necessarily in that order) Missouri on 19th to 22nd July and home out of New York in later that month. If any of you are around in the States, I may well catch up with you.

Some of that journey is partly work as I need to give talks, so then I need to treat myself with some REAL travel, somewhere far away, remote and not too developed. I look at the map on Thelma's top box and to my eyes there is a gaping hole in my trans-global routes. So my decision was easily made.

First I had to break the news to my Mum and Dad.  I did it casually at their house over one of my Mum's excellent roast dinners, something along the lines of

"By the way Mum, I'm going away this year, I'm off to Madagascar"

At which she didn't bat an eyelid and merely said to watch out for the lemurs there.

So, Madagascar an island off the south east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Over 1000 miles long and 300 miles wide, it's home to an intriguing mix of poeple and races with French being the main language.

A country of mountains, volcanoes, tropical beaches, cloud forests and some of the strangest animals on the planet.

Salt Lake

If you are going to be at World Superbike for the GS Giants event, maybe we will see you there?  If so, will you have a booth, or be giving any talks?



Maybe we'll bump into each other

 Hi Tiffany, I'm heading out early June with my KLR650 to spend a year on the road by myself.

I currently live in Port Townsend WA, near Seattle, and you are more than welcome to crash at my place if you are around before June 10th.

I'll be going to Berkeley first for a week and then accross country to East Hampton, maybe I'll be in Missouri around the time you are and meet then. :)



Heading to Seattle

Hi Esther

It would be really nice to meet up, I'm not sure exactly what date I'll be arriving into Seattle, I'm in Boise, Idaho on 7th June before heading up to Washington state. Alt Rider on Aurora are sorting out a date for me to give a talk, in Seattle, I'll let you know when that is, hopefully before you leave. Most likely we coud catch up somewhere in Missouri, stay in touch.

Best wishes and Ride Safe