A Pillion Rider Joins Me

It's true, it seems my Mum has been getting on the phone to more of her friends (one of them joined me for two months last year) and now I have just had Donnaleen from Toronto fly in to meet me at Nashville. Naturally she was not aware in advance of the falling trees and black widow spider incidents, on the phone I was dwelling more on the freedom of the road and the wind in your hair scenarios.

I managed to be at the airport on time and to get gradually adjusted to life on the road we stayed in a motel for the first night - the cheapest one we could find in town - $29, complete with a cowboy wearing a stetson and carrying a guitar in the next room. Yes, he has come to seek his fame and fortune here in Nashville. He wondered if us "ladies" wanted a beer or two with him (oh yes, I thought, that reminds me why I usually camp wild with no-one around). We politely declined and headed out in search of the legendary nightlife that Nashville is famous for...cowboys and cowgirls crooning in bars on Broadway. As long as it doesn't go on too late I thought as I'm not much of a night owl.

We started at Jack's BBQ for a quick bite to eat, where they were somewhat surprised when i outed myself as a vegetarian (not too many of those it seems in the Deep south). But they did well and offered me four vegetables on a plate.

We headed next door for music where we came across a very good Bluegrass band, luckliy Donnaleen was raised in the country (Moose Jaw - yes, sister of THAT guy who lost me on the highway in the middle of the night out there) and could explain to me the niceties of bluegrass. We only lasted for one more bar then headed back to the motel and its developing world style of bare concrete finishing.

"Tomorrow," I said, heading, for the bathroom where my wet tent was draped all over the fixtures, "we'll hit the road and have some more fun."

Little did we know we were going to hit the road in more ways than one.