Perils of the Road

Having looked at my map and having learnt from past experience, Texas is BIG, I just cut through the top bit and ended up camping near the Oklahoma border just outside a place called Texola. A bad start to the evening was had when one of my tent poles snapped and it snapped badly, no way of splinting it with the repair piece.  It wasn't the most comfortable night I'd had, but I was so tired by the time I'd managed to get the tent in a semi-upright position that I virtually collapsed into it. Look out for the picture of it in the gallery.

In the morning I had to contend with some very strange looking insects/bugs crawling around.

The day did improve though. At one of the rest areas I was fascinated to discover a tornado-proof room to shelter in - handily placed between the ladies and the gents' loos.
I couldn't resist taking a look, it looked like quite an ordinary room to me, with benches to sit on and some most informative charts on the wall showing typical cloud formations of tornadoes. I studied these carefully as I don't have much experience of this type of weather. I also took a few photos of the posters as a point of reference for further on along the road. I was heading into Kansas and possibly the only thing I know about that state is it gets tornadoes - the Wizard of Oz film being my cultural reference point for this piece of information.

Thelma was running a bit rough so when I stoppped for a break I made a phone call to BMW in Seattle, and decided to do take some action about Thelma's lack of revs and pulling power.
In the carpark of Dairy Queen I got out my tools and spare parts and proceeded to take apart the carburettor and changed the diaphragm on it.

The beauty of having a twin-engined bike, from my point of view as someone to whom mechanics does not come easily is that I always have the other side to refer to when I'm putting things back together again, making sure that everything goes back in its correct place.
The change of diaphragm didn't make much difference, Thelma will have to wait until Chicago to have it looked into properly.
Lots of people stopped by as I was working to say hello and ask where the bike is from as it has a huge yellow British registration plate.

I'd lost a bit of time, and as I passed Wichita (singing Seven Nation Army in my head) I realised I had better find a place to camp. I got a perfect spot in a field not too far from the highway, it was hilly so I was out of sight from the road, although it had been a bit dicy to ride Thelma through the long grass hiding the rocks on the slope.

I took a look at the broken tent pole, removed the offending section then re-threaded the shock cord and with some blue electrical tape managed to do a temporary repair to get the tent up.