The Only Kazakh in the County

I've struck lucky and managed to unearth (at my local health food shop) a guy from Kazakhstan and even better, I've found out he's a biker as well.



Still not sure what he's doing here, as it's a very small rural town. Naturally I have been grilling him for info - after all it's not everyday that you meet a Kazakh and he's a captive audience behind the shop counter. I've been asking about about the road conditions, life in his country and is there any concept of vegetarianism there. He mentioned that he was thinking of going home for a visit this summer, so I offered him a pillion ride home which startled him a bit.


I must learn to curb my Tourettes-style habit of inviting strangers to ride to Mongolia.

That was a stroke of

That was a stroke of luck...still in touch with him now then? Have a good time this weekend and tell us how it went. x