Nova Scotia

I ended up rushing out of Newfoundland which was a shame as it's a beautiful island, and I didn't get a chance to explore St John's properly, but I suddenly heard about a ferry that was running that evening and if I managed to catch it, I would be saved almost 1000 kms of riding through what was promised to be some very wet weather so I grabbed the opportunity and ran! Not even a chance to say goodbye to my hosts.

I met Charles, a 1200 GS rider from Toronto on the ferry and we spent the journey chatting- until I fell asleep on the floor amidst dark warnings about the staff not allowing people to sleep on the floor. I would like to point out that it is an overnight ferry and nothing gets between me and my beauty sleep.

Charles and I rode down to

Charles and I rode down to the Finger Lakes rally some 3 weeks ago. he started on the Trans lab from there. 

small world indeed.

too bad Thelma's starter is still acting up. Perhaps the fellows at Bob's BMW  can provide a more permanent solution than our little bodge.