Not Jumping until I'm Pushed

I've had quite a few people asking me when I would be setting off and I've been quite vague about it (story of my life), mainly because there has been the uncertainty of the visa situation. That is almost all sorted, Mr Sultan at the Uzbek Embassy had a short interview (interrogation?) on the phone with me, followed up by a fax that I had to send showing my work credentials - I had to be a bit creative with that one.


So, yes, I have got the Uzbek visa now, and the Azerbaijan one is in the bag - despite the fact my name had been added onto someone else's itinerary, it seems the Ministry in Baku did not approve of a woman travelling on her own, and decided to do a little matchmaking. The worrying part for me is that the guys I've been lumped in with aren't travelling until July,  I've been assured I'll have no problem crossing the border without them - we shall see.

I'll be leaving home on Friday 8th May - now I've committed myself with an actual date- my transport manager, Cat has even booked a ferry for me on Saturday morning, she has spent the last few weeks almost daily asking me when I was going to get myself booked on a ferry, so to humour her, I've said go ahead - thank you Cat.


I'll be travelling quite fast through Europe as I am planning on getting the ferry from Odessa in the Ukraine across to Georgia- they only run once a week, 19th May is the one I'm hoping to get. On the way across Europe, I'll be spending a couple of days at the Romanian street children's home near Brasov.

Strange phonecall?!

Hi Tiff

Had a call today on mobile re tickets to Georgia or something? It all got very confusing, but if you need the number let me know and I'll pass it on.

Hope all is well with you

We're all thinking of ya!