Next Stretch of Gravel Looms

The hurricane has lifted, so we're moving on from Happy Valley/Goose Bay, many thanks to Myriam from Madagascar and Jeff for the superb hospitality here and the shelter from the hurricane. We've played pool, watched a big wolf, been to the beach, visited the North West Interpretative Centre (museum to you and me) and generally had a really good time. The beauty of Labrador never stops to amaze me and the interesting mix of people up here in this remote outpost of Canada. Thelma is ready to go, the speedo cable has been re-attached after the little incident with the wolves chasing me. Thanks to Derek the aircraft mechanic who took a look at the speedo cable.
I'll be heading off in a few minutes towards Cartwright, a bit further north east from here. The worst of the wind has gone although it has left in its wake lots of mud and puddles, I think Thelma and I will be very mud-spattered by the end of this next section.I waved off the only other bike traveller in town yesterday - Ed from Florida on a 1200GS who is taking the ferry  for the next 700 miles instead of the gravel...does he know something I don't?I'll be carrying some extra fuel in a very professional looking milk container, apparently the next fuel stop is  about 240 miles from here which is beyond Thelma's comfort zone for fuel (and mine).It's a bit cloudy but the sun is attempting to shine, fingers crossed it will warm up a bit, I've got my thermals on in readiness for the cold.


Where can we read about African adventures?


I've been dreaming about the heat of Africa as I tackle the cold of Labrador and wrestle Thelma along the muddy, gravelled tracks in a bitterly cold noth easterly wind.

There was no blog when I was doing my african rides - there is a bit information about them under the journeys section, but otherwise you'll have to wait until I get a book published about those rides.

Wolves chased you?