Mountain Riding

We had a fantastic time filming yesterday in the mountains to the east of Antalya. Lots of gravel, sand and mud tracks, I'm having a ball. The "small" crew that are accompanying me seems to have grown somewhat - there are eleven of them in three vehicles, the support van for carrying stuff, the "disco" bus to transport the extra people - agency guys and production crew amongst others and the four wheel drive pick-up with Trevor the cameraman precariously crouched in the back of it capturing every moment of the ride. 

It's great to be exploring the back roads of Turkey in this way, not needing to worry about my route or losing my way as I'm instructed through the radio mike which turnings to take as the tracks get smaller and trickier to maneouvre. Trying to smile as the director asks me if I will turn the bike around and re-ride the last section. I've been riding through tiny villages, waving at the startled locals as I pass, slowing down for goats, donkeys and chickens. Last night I camped beside a river with the production crew camped 200 metres away in their collection of tents. I have to confess their campfire was much more successful than mine but then they'd had multiple people collecting the wood for them.

Keeping the whole scene authentic, I cooked my meal over the fire while they prepared their own food and then I was interviewed by the campfire with a cold beer discreetly tucked out of sight.