Moose Jaw and Sleeping Rough

No journey across Canada is complete without a stop in the Saskatchewan town of Moose Jaw in the heart of the Prairies. I'd finally left all sight of the Rockies behind me and spent a day riding across what I'd been warned would be flat and boring - not at all, there was a lot to see and I was glad the roads were straight so that I could look around me as much as I wanted. The road kill was exotic- skunk, raccoon and some unidentifiable stuff. A coyote as well I think, but I didn't want to look too closely in case it was someone's pet dog.

Garage stops for fuel were friendly, the weather was great and Thelma was running well - what more could I ask for.

In Moose Jaw, I met up with friends - Bob and some of his family, Bob had tracked down a bike rally for me to attend - the riders were doing the Ride Across Canada for Prostate Cancer and for Military Families. They had started in Newfoundland and were riding across to Victoria on Vancouver Island- the exact opposite of my journey. There were about 40 bikes and they were accompanied by "Canadian Entertainment Icon" Wayne Rostad (or at least that's how the flyers described him!). I got talking to some of the riders and we shared long distance bike riding experiences.

After some confusion about the time change -as  I had obediently put my watch forward an hour as instructed by my map upon leaving Medicine Hat, Bob then informed me that actually there is no time difference between the two places and that I'm still on mountain time.

At 9.00pm we headed out to Bob's farm, Thelma and I managed to lose Bob in the dark on the highway - a couple of hours later, he still hadn't managed to track us down, so I put my tent up next to Highway 1 and went to bed dreaming about the comfortable bed i was missing out on at the family farm.