Montreal Heatwave

Sweating in the heatwave here in Montreal - whilst simultaneously providing a lot of entertainment with my attempts at french - I think it`s the fact that I have a very British accent on my french that they find funny. Luckily most people are bilingual, but apparently as I go further east towards Quebec City and that hotbed of nationalism known as Lac St Jean I will meet a lot more purists who speak no english.

It`s supposed to be about three days from here to reach Labrador City, the gateway to Labrador itself and the return of English speakers. I am being hosted by fellow bike travellers Marie-France and Brian who kindly issued an invite as they noticed me making my way across Canada. They have travelled extensively on their 1100 GS and we have been chatting non-stop travel talk since I arrived.

Thelma has had oil change- why on earth I have chosen to do it in a city undergoing a heatwave I don`t know, but Thelma needed it - luckily she is in the garage in the basement and the temperature was only 25 degrees down there.

I`m due to continue eastwards tomorrow, I`m hoping to get up and leave very early before the heat and the rush hour take over the city.


In Lac-Saint-Jean most people don't speak much english because there is almost nobody to speak english with.


They are very nice and will welcome you with open arms.