Mongolian Mayhem


I've been dreaming of mountains, steppes, deserts, lakes and exotic cultures new and old.

Mongolian Mayhem is going to be all that and even more...

A ride across Europe, the ‘Stans and onto Mongolia. It is looking like a step into the unknown- with twelve former soviet states to negotiate. And yet again, as no-one else seems to share this dream, I will be travelling solo on Thelma, my 1992 R80GS (the bike I have used for all my trips except Timbuctoo).

Once more the journey will be undertaken on the tried and tested Thelma with moonlit nights spent under canvas, enjoying campfire meals.

To begin with, a gentle sojourn from Cornwall to Luxembourg via the heady delights of the Eurotunnel and Belguim, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

Romania with a visit to the Children’s Home in Transylvania that I visited on my very first bike trip.

Moldova and then the Ukraine will be the final stop in Europe – a ferry across the Black Sea to:

Georgia -recent armed resistance struggles and a war – not to worry (just don’t tell my Mum!) - apparently a very friendly country.


Azerbaijan  - a country known for its saffron and caviar – a pleasant stopover in late spring with lots of flowers (allegedly).

A ferry across the Caspian Sea

Turkmenistan – a country with open craters of burning gas – a must for the chilly biker.

Uzbekistan – best known for its human rights abuses, the Aral Sea drying up and home to Samarkand, a visual delight of tiled buildings and an important stopover on the Silk Road

Tajikstan - A route across the Pamirs, also known as the Roof of the World, a stunning mountainous region.

Kygyrstan – a vowel-challenged nation with a geography comparable to Bolivia -lots of high mountains and amazingly beautiful scenery – all well off the beaten track.

Kazakhstan – its best known celebrity export is Borat. Also famous for its sporting game of buzkashi – an all-out brawl by men on horseback over a headless goat – extremely popular in the rural areas.

Russia – vodka and a little side trip through Siberia.

Mongolia- home to the Gobi desert, half a million square miles of sand, Mongolia has some of the most stunning scenery in the world populated by a nomadic people with few cities. A country that offers an opportunity to stay in a ger (yurt), drink fermented mare’s milk and watch grown men wrestling in their y-fronts.

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