Merry Belated Christmas

Christmas greetings to all those reading the blog around the world - it is still holidays here and i have to apologise for not sending this out earlier but I have been in an internet black spot (my parents' house) for the past six days.


The good news is that my bag arrived from Iceland Air - what lovely people, they had not lost it or forgotten I was waiting for it. Everything is intact and I have learnt a valuable lesson about what to take as hand luggage next time. Or at least, I hope I have learnt the lesson.


Looking ahead to a wet and windy New Year's Eve down here in Cornwall.

Happy new year

I have been steadily catching up on your diary over the last few weeks. I am another female bmw rider and have travelled a few miles myself. But I am older than you and do not have the time that you appear to have. But the current plan is London -Beijing hence my interested reading.

Thank you for some fun reading. Enjoy Cornwall...


Thank you

HI Plum

Good to hear from you, and I'm glad you've been enjoying reading about my exploits, I always like to hear from other riders. As for having the time to spend on travels, I seem to have made a career out of giving up jobs so that I can go travelling, then when I get back from a trip I find another job and save hard for my next journey.

Good luck with your trip and let me know how you get on with the preparations. I assume you know about

a brilliant resource for all travellers and particularly so for motorcyclists.

Best wishes