Medical Stuff Part 2

Still no gory details but the shock news from my doctor that the numbness in my hand is not RSI (it's my throttle hand) but due to HOUSEWORK!

I had been innocently doing some sweeping and tidying up and have damaged the nerves- six weeks of numbness so far, maybe for life but he's quite a gung-ho GP and so he says don't worry about it and just keep going, after all there is not much housework that you can do when you're living in a tent.

U always so houseproud then?

U always so houseproud then? I noticed u joined twitter like someone asked...I done it too but can't see the point in it much...just writing what you are doing. Facebook is better-why not try that?

Hi Laura, the injury through

Hi Laura, the injury through doing some housework just goes to show how little I usually do- I'm more used to bike riding than to cleaning - as those who have seen my house will agree.

A couple of friends have asked me to go on Facebook- I'll maybe have a go at starting one and upload some pics etc.