Lost Angeles

It's a huge city and getting lost is easily done - I got the title for the blog from Rufus aged six who was reading it off the world globe while looking at the route for my travels last week in England.

I took Thelma out for a ride and to get the iconic LA photo with the Hollywood sign in the background, the roads here are unbelievably loooooooong. And there is plenty of traffic, Thelma was getting a lot of stares as I rode along Sunset Boulevard, no, not because people might have thought she was a celebrity bike but because she is definitely in her "Rat Bike" phase. No windscreen, all the Siberian welding on the pannier racks is very rusty, only one broken indicator still in place and the usual scrapes etc. But she's sounding good, Leif has done some great work on her.

I found a good view of the sign along one of those twisting canyon Hollywood Hills streets- with posh cars and gated enclosures, I could have done with a celeb spotter on the back as i had no idea who any of the skinny blonde women out jogging and power walking with their minders were.

Some Swedish tourists obligingly took some photos for me, before then taking their own pictures to show the folks back home just what these crazy English people get up to.

I repaid some of the great hospitality I've been on the receiving end of by serving up another of my National Dishes of Cornwall- a Cream Tea (last time Pasties were on the menu). In preparation for the Cream Tea, i had smuggled a half pound of Cornish Clotted Cream into LA - initially past customs and then past the food fascists who regard anything that has 62% fat in it as a weapon of mass destruction. There was a bit of concern about what condition the cream would be in as it had been a long journey from Lands End to Heathrow (via Lois Pryce's fridge in London- which was a bit of a tease for her and Austin- sorry folks next time I'll bring you your very own clotted cream) and then to LA and inevitably the cream was in the lost suitcase so unaccounted for for 24 hours. However it arrived intact and reasonably fresh so I baked scones, found jam (except it's called jelly over here) in the supermarket and served the Cream Tea - Erdem, Evren, Laura and Joe were all very kind in their comments about this new eating experience, though I'm sure there was a sigh of relief all round when they found you can't buy clotted cream in America.

heyyyyy bon voyage, Tiffany

heyyyyy bon voyage, Tiffany Jane! And never mind a map - get yourself some bloody luggage labels......

xxx Lucy Jane xxxx