The Long Goodbye

I had an unreasonably early morning call to get to the airport, after a late night eating turkish borek. I was flying out via Seattle to catch up with friends there, but as I was delayed 24 hours by order of the US Customs Department, I missed the "Welcome Back Tiffany" party in the George and Dragon pub, arriving in time to witness the bleary eyes and hangover of Mick and friends at Vallantine Motorworks. At least Shaun the dog greeted me warmly and definitely seemed to remember me from seven years ago.

My next stop is in Iceland and I'm going to need all my clothing for that one. I'm travelling light having left the majority of my stuff with Erdem and Evren in LA ready for my return, looking through my clothing I realise I have got one pair of trousers, two sweaters, one t-shirt and seven pairs of knickers - oh well, at least my bum won't get too cold in Iceland.