Loitering in Ulaanbaatar

Well it's been several days of catching up on my sleep, having long conversations with the other travellers here (at one point there were five bikes at the hostel) and trying to eat as much Black Forest Gateau as possible before I leave the luxuries and civilisation of the city.


Many thanks for everyone's messages of congratulations. I do feel quite a sense of achievement in having got here, 11 948 miles from Land's End to Mongolia, across deserts, over mountains across three seas, through hail, sand and dust storms, snow and searing heat. It really has been a journey of extremes, with one of the hardest battles being the struggle with a lot of bureaucracy, one of the legacies left behind by the Soviets in the 'Stans.

Life in UB has been extremely busy, with a lot of my time seemingly taken up in stationary traffic queues, there is an incredibly bad traffic congestion problem here.


It is e pleasure to follow you,on your trip,, prosperous thought from Kawanor in Norway.