Life in LA

I'm hanging out in LA, staying with Erdem and Evren- Erdem has just completed a six month round the world trip on his V-Strom and in fact missed me by only a day or so at some destinations. HIs blog is at

I am relaxing into life in LA, the weather is great, but then, that's what LA is famous for. We've been to the beach, I paddled in the Pacific, attempted to dig a hole through to Australia, watched the yoga and martial arts enthusiasts do their stuff and did an impromptu audition outside the Cirque de Soleil Big Top. Not surprisingly, the management didn't rush out to offer me a contrct.

I am now getting ready to head up the coast to visit some friends in the Bay area. I'm using craigslist to try and find lift shares- it's highly addictive- for those of you not in the know, it is like an on-line classifieds site.

 I am continuing with my Get Chubby in California Campaign as I need a bit more weight to cope with the winter riding I have got ahead of me. Bagels smothered in cream cheese is a good start to the day. And I introduced Erdem and Evren to some British cuisine (stop sniggering) as I made our national dish for dinner last night - Cornish Pasties, which went down well.

It feels strange to have all my bike gear and no bike to ride.