Lies and more lies

I have had to lie on Thelma's behalf before in the course of my travels...

About her weight to get her on a train in Sudan

About her age to get her across the border at Senegal

And yesterday I found the words "750 cc engine" dropping from my lips as I attempted to get her onto the ferry out of the pearl diving town of Toba.

I was stopped at the gateway to the port by a smiling middle-aged guy in a uniform who spoke no English and pointed at my engine. 

Thelma only lost 48cc in the process, I didn't have enough cash to pay for a larger bike, so needs must.


What made me laugh though was that Kosta (who allegedly does not like to lie or break rules) also said his was a 750cc bike, whan actually it is a 1200cc monster that you can hear a mile away.