Last Day in Seattle and Hello Miriam

Friday afternon and what a treat - Miriam arrived in town and came to stay at Mick's house with me. We've been in email contact for several months, she has been travelling by bike from South America. It was like meeting an Italian version of me (except even louder), she has long brown hair, rides a yellow and black BMW just like mine and is also a tea drinking vegetarian. She is also a very good mechanic and I think Mick was relieved to find that she doesn't need any repairs done to her bike (he's only just finished Thelma!). He was even able to have a sensible conversation with her about cam shafts.

We cooked dinner together -I showed her how to fool the meat eaters with a chicken substitute that I used to make a chicken and vegetable pie. Saturday morning was a time to get all the final bits and pieces done, Miriam helped me do a bodge job on my left indicator which has been off since Mongolia. I posted a couple of parcels of things I no longer need and got ready to depart.

The idea was that Miriam would ride with me up to Vancouver then she would continue northwards (to Alaska) while I go east, however she was told about Seafair, a big Seattle event based on the harbour and water front area and when she saw Mick's pictures of the Blue Angels (he's a big fan) she decided to stay on and watch them in action. The Blue Angels are the American version of the Red Arrows RAF team. So we said goodbye and maybe we'll meet further along the road somewhere.