Kazakh Desert

It has been a hectic five days

Five days without running water let alone electricity and internt and here is why...

I collected my Kazakh visa in Baku then made a dash for the ferry and my luck was in - straight onto it - the only other European had been waiting eight days...

It was a basic service on the boat - I never did manage to find the shower, but luckily it was only a 24 hour journey (forsome it stretches to four days) I arrived in Kazakhstan it was 11pm at night we docked, we cleared immigration at 2.00am to then be told that Customs was closed until 8.00am - so I set up my tent in the carpark outside the Customs building- one way of being first in the queue.

Unfortunately the 8.00am start time was optimistic to saythe least and it was gone 10.00am by the time anyone was even available to look in our direction, in fact it was 1.00pm in the afternoon before we were allowed to leave the customs compound- my solo travel had now grown to include Leon- an Austrian night club manager driving a VW 4-wheel drive van and Vasily from Moscow driving a big Audi 4 wheel drive something, he had Russian Mafia stamped all over him and we couldn't shake him off.


I had the huge expanse of the Kazakh  desert and the Kyzylkum Desert stretching away into the distance and had decided on safety in numbers and suggested to Leon that we team up for the desert route - he was happy to as he has little desert experience and so in return for carrying my panniers in his van I rode as his outrider and Vasily well, he insisted on accompanying us but would race on ahead to each restaurant stop and wait there drinking vodka and beer until we arrived and then would announce "go, go" and charge off once more.


the desert - camels, scorpions, snakes and kamikaze gerbils which insisted ion racing across the road almost under my wheels.

Where are you?

Great to hear from you Tiff, but where EXACTLY are you? Maybe if you started your blog with "This is Tiffany Coates reporting from deepest Baku" or something similar? I have to confess to being a bit of a map freak and want to stick pins in my wall map detailing your journey - sad really. Annie has now been trained on the basic uses of her camera, so will be able to help put pictures with your blog once you meet up. Are you still on course for the 19th in Tashkent?
Ride safe.

Go girl

Loving your snippets - checking them every night and reporting them to Georgie.