It's Going to be Turkish Delight

I'm getting my stuff together ready for filming and travelling, which is a bit tricky as most of my travel gear is in LA and is being fedexed  directly to Bristol (200 miles from me) to be picked up on Saturday night. I'll be the one arriving at Istanbul Airport on Sunday wearing full bike gear, carrying my helmet and with a huge mountain of excess luggage including my panniers, topbox and tankbag.

I'm trying to listen to a cassette "Speak Turkish in 30 Days" as I type this, some of it sounds quite easy, for example "one beer" is "beer beer" - or at least that's what it sounds like on my tape player. I'll get a chance to try it out for real in 48 hours.

In preparation I've even read through my bike travel insurance policy (from HC Travel), as you can imagine, it's tricky getting a policy that covers for long term travel on a big motorbike in remote areas of the world- my boyfriend had a good laugh when I got to the bit:

"Cannot claim for putting yourself in needless danger"

that's my whole life invalid then according to him.

Jajajajajaja .. Su verdadero

Jajajajajaja .. Su verdadero .. el turco es tan complicado!!! Pero ... buena suerte!


If you say "beer beer" in a

If you say "beer beer" in a Turkish pub, you'll end up sounding like a persistant and drunk Briton... It's actually "bir bira" (ber berah)... 

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Turkish Pronunciation

HI Erdem, I knew I would get pulled up at some poınt about the pronouncıng of the words, but ıt's just too temptıng for us Brits to say it like that. And if you could have heard the sound quality of the tape, you would not be surprised at the way I am saying stuff out here.  Everyone seems to be understanding me fine.

güle güle


Turkish delights

Good luck Tiff - see you when you return!

anon is us

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