The Hurricane is here

Within 24 hours of arriving here in Happy Valley-Goose Bay (the settlement has a double name) the wind had started gusting strongly, I'd made it in the nick of time. During the night, the wind has got much worse and the rain had started up and is causing flooding. Thelma is out in the carpark standing in a puddle of water several inches deep and moving slightly in the gusts of wind that are rocking her. I'm extremely thankful that I'm not out in this extreme weather either riding or camping. Instead I'm warm and cosy staying with Jeff and Myriam in their apartment.

Loving the read

Keep on putting them out, nothing better when you are stuck on 10 x 12 hour shifts to read about what adventures you are up to mate.


James691 x

watching from work

HI James

Glad to hear the safety of our nation is in your hands whilst watching mine and Thelma's progress! Did you get yourself a website sorted yet?



The Fog is Here.............

Hello Tiff, just read Your entire blog content from when You set off again, its a misarable fog/rain bound day down here in deep Penwith but its great to hear Your stories as You go...!!! Take care and safe riding.



Fog in Canada

Hi Mez

I don't know if it will comfort you or not but there's been a ton of fog over here in Newfoundland! I crossed some mountains the day before yesterday and had felt as if I was back in Penwith - the extra danger over here are the moose lurking by the side of the road ready to jump out.

catch you when I get back.