Huge Thanks to Anderwerks in Calgary

After some extremely hard work and an amazing gearbox re-build by Dave Anderson (airhead genius extraordinaire) Thelma was ready to hit the road once more. While she'd been on the ramp, I'd been allowed to lend a hand, although my efforts were somewhat limited, mainly restricted to cleaning Thelma's wheel rims and now they gleam as they haven't done since the day I left South Molton when the rims were new six years ago!

I want to say a big thank you to Dave and the team at Anderwerks - Mike, Curtis, Malcolm, Tyler, Kelsey, Jenna and Fallon- you were all great.

Ah, the excitement!

Hey! It was allot of fun having you at the shop and thanks for the chats! Was great to hear your tales and compare stories!
Keep on keepin' on, keep the rubber side down! have fun with the wheelies and catching air fully loaded and just enjoying what's given each day!

I will keep an eye on your blog!

Mike (one of the "team")