Home Across Africa



The utes and barbies of Australia were to be replaced by the baakies and braais of South Africa, having replenished our bank accounts with some nose to the grindstone work in Sydney, we were ready for the off once more. Looking at a map of the world Africa was beckoning us as the route home, so we excitedly made plans - there was even some interest from an independent TV producer who put together a proposal fro a six-part TV series following our progress across the Dark Continent.  But the dynamic duo were to be no more- Becky had met the man of her dreams and set her sights on settling down rather than sampling the sunsets of Africa.

Having shipped Thelma from Sydney to Cape Town I was now facing the huge task of riding the 20,000 miles home as a solo enterprise.


Enter Maggie Dunleavy from Galway, armed with a bike licence that the ink was still wet on - she was to prove a worthy Becky replacement- she just needed to learn to ride a big bike first. This led to various sessions in the carparks of Cape Town, some alongside the Police Department.


And we were off- with Maggie weakly protesting about a lack of off-road practice and a grim promise from me that she would get plenty on the way.


It was to be even more adventurous than crossing Asia as we found ourselves riding through the middle of a herd of elephants, fleeing corrupt policemen in Mozambique, having a serious accident in the Namibian Desert, camping amongst hyenas, crossing deep rivers, trying to avoid minefields in Ethiopia and, in Sudan encountering horrendous riding conditions which even made us begin to despair.