Hola Mexico

An early morning start from the smelly motel, I was given the run around at the Customs post a bit as apparently I needed to exit America through the cargo border crossing which is several miles from the usual one. I eventually tracked it down to find a frontier post that was more reminiscent of Lebanon than the world's richest country. The Customs officers were operating out of tents and a zig-zag of old crumbling concrete blocks were in place to control traffic speed and direction, though in reality they just seemed to create confusion.

Customs were very obliging and stamped my multiple export documents for Thelma without sending me up to the office, and one of them even posed for a photo.

My first stop in town was to get some pesos at the bank, unfortunately none of my cards seemed to work in the ATM, I was low on cash dollars, but call me old-fashioned, digging around in the bottom of my money belt I unearthed some travellers' cheques which the bank was more than happy to change. The manager then came outside to have a look at Thelma and I suspect to convince himself that I was telling the truth when I'd that I was travelling by bike on my own. Still no map of Mexico but I looked at the sun and headed south hoping for the best. Traffic was light, there were several road blocks, controlled by federales but they didn't seem to consider me too much of a security risk and i was just waved through.

I'd been given the directions to the village of Cocorit in the south of the State of Sonora, these directions included the back route into the village by-passing the toll gate on the highway and also the feds as this far south Thelma was actually illegally in the country. I was deliberately not getting the vehicle permit fro reasons which will become clear. My source of information had neglected to tell me that the back road included not one but two river crossings. I waded the first one to check the depth and for loose stones, it wasn't too bad, up to my knees. The next one was definitely deeper and also had the unwelcome sight of a broken down pick-up truck stuck halfway across.

Hi Tiffany

Just to say hi from Cornwall.

Now that the evenings are drawing in thoughts of escape are coming to the surface and so I thought of your blog and wondered where you are. It all sounds like fun.

Jo H



I've heard you've had frost in Cornwall already, I definitely need to make the most of the sunshine out here.