High Altitude New Mexico

Now who is the heavy breather as Thelma and I coped with the high altitude of NM, not to mention the spelling struggles with the city of Albuquerque. 

As I rode across Texas (I promised you the hitch-hiker stuff) I saw some hitch-hikers, I was about to pull over and pick one of them up when I realised it was still a bit early in the morning and none of the hitch-hikers had suitable clothing to ride on the back of the bike. It is very cold when I'm going fast along the freeway, especially on the long, flat straight roads that Texas seems to take great pride in. Realising I didn't want to cause an innocent person to get hypothermia, I left the hitchers where they were, deciding to get one later in the day which would actually kill two birds with one stone. Every afternoon, the heat from the land causes the wind to pick up sometimes getting quite gusty and buffeting Thelma around. I'm not sure what the physics of it is, but for some reason, both Thelma and I find it easier to cope with the wind when there is a pillion passenger.. possibly because they add extra ballast and weight to keep the wheels on the ground.

However as the afternoon wore on and I decided it was warm enough, I was in for a surprise as there was a big sign beside the road stating



Hmmmm, probably best to take heed of that warning, I don't much like the idea of a mad-axe murderer sharing the seat of a BMW with me.

New Mexico has provided a lot more variety in the landscape which I enjoyed and the familiar crisp feel of being at high altitudes, along with a slightly stuttering engine as Thelma coped with the reduced oxygen in the air.

mad axe murderers

Hi Tiffany,

I quite agree, being a mad axe murder can be a risky business at any time, so why should they take further chances with their safety by going on the back of your BMW.

You know that I am only joking, Thelma is as safe as houses.

Are you going to Taos? I was there in 1990 and it was full of old hippies who had returned after making a fortune on the NY stock market, it will remind you of parts of the west country in that respect. NM is a beautiful state, do enjoy.

First frost of the winter yesterday, a chilly ride to work.




HI Mark

Unfortunately I didn´t get a chance to go up to Taos, I continued westward, which is a shame, particularly as I have a contact to visit up there, maybe he is one of those old hippies. Next time I´m in New Mexico....