Heading to Bob's BMWs in Maryland

Hi Everyone

I've been invited to give a bike travel presentation at Bob's BMWs in Jessup, Maryland on Saturday 25th September. I'll be on stage and presenting 11.00am onwards and then I'll be available for the rest of the day to answer people's questions and fill them in with the answers abotu why I ride my BMW, how long it takes to pack, how I do my route planning and the truth behind the wolves chasing me, being held up at gunpoint and all the other burning questions that people may.

I look forward to seeing as many people as possible there.



This is currently my only presentation in the States so grab the opportunity to come and see me while you can.

I'll be taking part in the Bob's BMW Ride for Kids on Sunday 26th September -a scenic ride through some of the most scenic routes int he area and all to raise money for a worthwhile cause. Come and jopin me for the ride as well.

Peggy's Cove Sept. 18th 2010

Hey Tiffany.   Thanks for dropping in. It was great to finally meet you and Thelma. I could have listened to tales of traveling the world all day. There was one question I forgot to ask you when we were talking.When is your book going to be written? Oh come on, you have to write one. So I can add it to my collection. I want the first copy. Signed of course.   Have a safe journey.      David George.



HI David

it was great meeting you and many thanks for the invite to visit and for showing me the coastline of Nova scotia, amazing roads to ride on and stunning scenery. It was also a real bonus to watch the wild mink swimming around in the sea and watch it getting up on the rocks.

You have definitely got the largest collection of bike travel books I have ever seen - a fantastic collection.

as for my book-  it's written, I just need to find a publisher...does anyone reading this know of one?

I hope to see you in England one day.


Whitehorse press

A lot of the books I have are printed at Whitehorse Press in North Conway, New Hampshire. (Mondo Enduro,Two wheels through terror,etc.)They are into motorcycle supplies and printing motorcycle books.They are on your way to New Jersey. When you get past bangor Take route #2 across maine until you get to Gorham in New hamshire.Go south from Gorham past mount Washington (nice side trip up the mountain)until you get to North Conway. There address is Whitehorse Press, 107 East Conway Road,Center Conway, NH 03813-4012 USA. I'm shore by the amount of books they publish that they can help you out.They are on the corner of route 302 and East Conway road. Enjoy the white moutains.   David


...I just went past there a few hours ago!

but thanks for that David, I'll check them out.