Heading to Acapulco

After a great five days in Puerto Vallarta, we left this morning, waved off by Janet (who has agreed to ride again with me next year - she is now 70!), Bruce and the latest Travels with Thelma fans- Lana and Gary.

We have loaded the extra stuff onto Gullu, I was having a bit of a nose at the stuff that Savas hadĀ“picked up rom his friend's apartment- including a Turkish flute. The bike is more loaded up now and we look quite funny clambering over the various stuff onto the back of it.

I have to rush as he has fallen asleep in the internet cafe waiting for me to complete my emails (shipping agnet hassles and woes) as well as updating here.

I think he has done his homework and been reading my blogs as he did say, as we unloaded the bike this evening, that I wasn't to carry too many bags as I must not get tired!


Our next destination is Acapulco, it will take us a couple of days to get there.


Gel and the satellite tracker

The sat thing is fascinating.  I've been messing about on the computer for a few hours and I think I can see how far you've travelled in that time! Gosh!!

Hello from Norway

Picture,image,I love pictures from your fantastic trip,..But OK,,I can wait a few weeks,,,more.........

Take care..


What a delightful read!

A samaritan AND the light-hearted soul of an adventuress!  Whatever grumpy sort I may meet today, i'll remember what you're up to and smile through. Be safe and happy --


Mike Rafferty (departure t-60 days and counting)