Happy New Year

2012 has dawned and I even risked a quick swim in the sea on New Year's Day - think of balmy tropical water and then try and think of something that's as far removed from that as possible. It was freezing cold but I managed the briefest of dips before dashing out again.

My thoughts have turned to warmer climes and it's time to start making plans. First of all I need to collect Thelma. Having left her in Mexico just over a year ago, it's definitely time to get back out there. Shelly has helpfully trucked Thelma back up to America for me. Huge thanks to Alfonso for storing Thelma, I'm hoping to make it back down in person to say thank you; and also a big thank you to Shelly for trucking her north again. Now I've got to go and find Thelma, all I know is that she's under cover in someone's shed near Tucson, Arizona.

I'll be flying into Phoenix around 20th April, I'm looking forward to being back in the land of cheap fuel, open roads and Reese's Pieces.