Great Horizons Unlimited Meeting

I'll have to be brief as I'm supposed to be watching and learning while Thelma's re-built gearbox is put back in. It's Tuesday afternoon and I am still in Calgary, apparently I shouldn't be making home-cooked meals for Dave the mechanic every evening as that could be a factor in the delay of the repairs.

 The weekend with all the Horizons Unlimited travellers in Nakusp, British Columbia was great. I drove a red pick up truck up there complete with my bike panniers in the back so I looked like a complete fraud when I later gave a talk about my motorcycle travels. The campsite was surrounded by trees - all bear worries were reduced as there were so many people that I thought the bears would be so spoilt for choice they might pverlook me in my small ent.

There were various other talks as well and much to the outrage of the Canadians, the "how to avoid bear attacks" talk was given by a .... Brit!

I met loads of great people and throughly enjoyed myself, I caught up with the Nanaimo guys over from Vancouver Island. Nakusp is in a fantastic location, it's a quaint town on the shores of a very picturesque lake, I fitted in a couple of swims, even at 7.00am over the protests of thsoe who said it was too cold. Cold?????? You should try the Atlantic Ocean where I live, where the water hurts because it's so cold.

I'm now back in Calgary having got the pick up truck back in one piece. The seal for the output shaft has eventually arrived and the gearbox is going back in. Dave has also insisted thet I learn about cleaning something called the atomisers (or at least I think that's what they were called). They're on the carburretors. Thelma is looking good.


Tiffany it was a pleasure meeting you both in Nanaimo and Nakusp at the Horizons Unlimited meeting.  Have fun in Labrador and then Louisiana.  I'm  hoping to make a HU meeting in the UK either in 2011/ 2012.  Just look out for the tall pasty white guy from Canada eh!



Horizon's meeting in Nakusp

Hi Tiffany, I agree the Horizon’s meeting in Nakusp was excellent this year. These meetings are all about the people you meet and hearing the travel experiences they have had. Certainly all of us benefited from your gearbox misfortunes. I have taken note of your morning swim comment and consider the gauntlet laid down. When I’m next in Cornwall I’ll be looking for a guided tour of the best swimming holes.


I see from your tracking program that you’ve made it down to Toronto, the device certainly does a good job of displaying your location.


Great meeting you and have fun in Northern Quebec and Labrador.