GPS Locator

As many of you know, my boyfriend gave me a GPS Locator for Christmas so that he (and everyone else) can see where I am whilst I'm on the road, in satellite view the detail can be so close that you can see what tree I am camping next to when I'm out in the wilds. 

The Tracking Tiffany (or should that be "Stalk Tiffany") feature is currently blank as Thelma is in the workshop and has been there for over a week - apparently it only holds the route for seven days at a time. 

I'll be switching it on later as I'm hoping to head over to Vancouver Island to see Simon Pavey give a talk. 

You can track my progress by clicking on the Track Tiffany section above or, for a larger screen view, click on the link below.


I'll either be on Thelma, depending on how the repairs are going or riding the infamous Bubbles - a red R1100GS which has been lent to me.

And for those who think I have given up on maps and compass and gone over to the dark side through having a GPS - fear not, this only tells everyone else on line where I am - it has no navigating feature - except I could phone home, ask them to look on the computer and tell me where I am when I'm lost.