Goodbye to Canada

Or should that be Au Revoir Canada

I had some great times and having covered 8,000 miles, it was time to move on, I'll miss the people, places, animals (some with fonder thoughts than others) and of course the great signs

For example in Quebec (apologies to the Quebecois reading this)  there was a sign that warned of an imminent

"Carrefour Gryratique" Bloody hell I thought, "what's that? I had better slow down while I try to translate and be prepared to stop in case it's something dangerous"   I managed to translate it as a gyrating crossroad

then it appeared - a ROUNDABOUT!

Never mind international branding: around the world we are all familiar with Colonel Sander's secret recipe fried chicken known as KFC - but not so in Quebec where there is a law that says NOTHING can be labelled in english unless it is also labelled in french in bigger letters.

so as I drove past a KFC, I did a double take as it had the proud sign PFK- yep that's right folks, doesn't it just roll off the tongue:

Poulet Frite de Kentucky

I had a final night staying with friends who are eccentric to say the least - they're not over keen on guests, but there's nothing like the persistence of a Coates I thought as I negotiated my way past the nets strung out to prevent access to the front door and then just as I got to the door a water cannon sprang into action with a motion sensor that I had triggered resulting in a jet of water all over me - never mind, I had made it to the door - only to find the bell was disconnected. I proceeded to lay in wait until someone emerged.

In Nova Scotia I watched a Cowboy Competition - no, not a rodeo I was informed, everyone was dressed in full cowboy gear with stetsons, boots, jeans and even spurs. The event involves getting a horse to do a series of obstacles within a set time with the winner not necessarily being the fastest but also displaying finesse. Well, I had never seen anything like it - grabbing flags, ringing a bell, going backwards through a U-Turn, through a 15 feet high curtain, turning circles, grabbing a pillion rider, putting on a pair of knockers (that's the cowboy not the horse, over their chaps I hasten to explain before people start imagining naked cowboys), pulling a squeaky trolley behind them, apple dipping, barback rding and going over a seesaw. reat fun to watch, but one of my favourite scenes was when I turned to get back on Thelma there was a small group of cowboys stood around her, some with their horses held by the rein and they were discussing the relative merits of bikes versus horses.