Going on Safari

I have searched the town and haven't been able to find any other bike travellers- or even any tourists except two, I was hoping to get info about the potential routes and roads(sandy tracks if I'm honest) ahead and I got some limited words of advice that if I follow the electricity wires to the north west of the town I will eventually reach the next settlement after 100kms.

Which sounds fine to me, but the reality is that the sandy tracks don't follow the wires and so I will at times be out of sight of the main tracks - not a good idea if anything goes wrong and I need help. Though to be honest there is a scarcity of tarffic, in four hours I saw one car and two local bikes as I rode here the other day and that was on the main road from UB.

It's never a good idea to head into the desert alone- especially when you don't even have a GPS.


The two french tourists I met have invited me to join them in their jeep as they do a two to three day safari around the main canyons, sights and sand dunes of the area. Was I precious and saying "Oh no, I need to do this trip on my bike" - was I hell. I have jumped at the chance to be chauffeur-driven for a change.

A bientot as they say in France.

be careful Tiff...you've got some hard days ahead of you!

Simon and I are so very glad that you have decided to join a jeep trip to 'do' the Gobi thing. The Gobi is an unforgiving place to travel and we were worried about you on your own out there. We have had more punctures in Mongolia than we have had on our entrie 7 years on the road. Thank God Simon is now a master at tyre changes and inner tube repairs and replacements.  had I been on my own I would have been stuck!  Even with a GPS and co-ords we still got way off track. Luckily we are able to carry a lot more provisions between our two bikes - around 55 litres of water between us and also we have the big gas tanks.  the big bikes are hard work though.

Be careful when planning your on -going trip...its tough going. We are not too sure of your route but send us an email and let us know...the mountains are getting their first snows and the water is increasing. we had quite a few water crossings to do.  the problem is that you can go 2 days without seeing anyone.

if you are still in Dalangzadgad we know of a guy who can give you some advice on routes. Go to the miners camp on the outskirts of town. it is as it sounds a place where all the local miners of gold etc. stay when they have a few days off. these guys are a wealth of info! its just opposite the Bayongovi hotel.

I will also put this in an email to you too!