Going to Graceland

Having sufficiently recovered and hammered (yes literally) thelma back into shape, we were ready to continue. Donnaleen had bravely decided that she wanted to carry on, I was pleased about this not least because it gave her terrible bruises a chance to subside before her family saw them. also Thelma's starter was once more playing up and the extra ballast at the back is good for bump starting.

Before leaving Memphis we had one special place we were both keen to see- Graceland, home of Elvis. It was a really good tour and nothing cheesey about it, though some of Elvis's interior design choices were somewhat dubious to say the least. We also bought the t-shirts to prove we'd been there, in fact I got an Elvis on a motorbike t-shirt.

We had parked Thelma in the carpark outside the Graceland Harley Davidson Dealership (too stingy to pay for proper parking) where she drew a lot of attention - next to all that shiny chrome she really stood out and got a lot of attention, once more several people taking photos of her number plate.

Further down the road we stopped at the hospital so that I could pick up the medical records for my insurance company and the hideously expensive bill...$5000 of medical care! So to all those who were tracking me on the SPOT locator and had sent worried emails asking why I was back at the same hopsital - THAT was the reason. We were joined for a couple of days travel by Jamie the helpful motorcyclist from ADVrider.com, he'd swapped his cadillac for a slightly more street cred Suzuki V-Strom 650cc and led us down the backroads of Mississippi where Spanish moss and cotton fields set the southern scene. A new camoing wild tip from him (or at least it's new to me) is to look for churches - well cut grass, a big building with lots of space behind it to hide a bike or two and tents and apparently they often have a tap (faucet in yank speak).

Talking of which, Donnaleen and I were accused, somewhat aggresively, of being Yankees whilst at a petrol station in Alabama - seems liek there is still a fair amount of north-south divide here.

3rd Oct

Did you really go to Graceland on the 3rd OCT Tiff?

Fantastic way to spend my 40th Birthday!So you couldn't make the beach party - hell who cares!!!

Hmm think I spent my 34th Birthday at Graceland when I was in Memphis the first time.

Wow sounds like your having a trip alright. Glad you caught up with Robin. Have sent you an email with contact info in New Mexico.

stay safe n sane



Happy Birthday Anita

Yes, it's true I went there on your birthday and what a great place it was.

I'll look up your friend in New Mexico

enjoy the rest of your celebrations

love from