Georgia and Giardia

 I had a swim in the Black Sea this afternoon, murky but warmer than the Cornish sea- probably both factors due to the radioactive levels and I'm still glowing. I have acquired a temporary room mate - another bike traveller called Gabriel who is at the mercy of my Giardia boosted farts - yes, I manged to catch Giardia on the ferry, and everyone around me is currently suffering while my stomach does battle. I've been to the chemist and got the antibiotics over the counter for a quid - not bad. Gabriel was very helpful with sorting out Thelma's non-functioning horn - something I only discovered wasn't operational when that car reversed into me yesterday. He has also had to put up with me chatting quite a bit- a natural reaction after 3 days on a ferry with almost no English spoken.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I go to Tblisi where my next sputnik will be arriving- April, US diplomat extraordinaire has misguidedly ventured an interest in exploring Georgia and Armenia from the back of a motorbike. We had first met up in Rio when she was posted there and I stayed at her flat next to Ipanema Beach –sheer luxury for me after what had been a month of camping along the Brazilian coastline. I am now able to return the favour and host April whilst introducing her to the delights of rough camping. I´m looking forward to travelling with a Yank as it´s always refreshing to cross borders with someone who has a passport that is even more unpopular than a British one.

April will be bringing the new intercom system with her. A chance for more chatting.


Yes, that is the same West Country bike riding Baron Bolton of Horizons fame.


Hi Tiffany

That wouldn't be 'Baron Bolton' off the HUBB would it, great gangly bloke from Zummerzet?. If so, say hi to him from me.

Suerte, Mick

p.s. Hope Giardia's over soon - for everyone's sake!