Gearbox Blues

I had been staying in the Rockies with Chris a GS Club friend who had emigrated out here nearly three years ago. We'd hoped to go trail riding together but once I sat down and worked out just how far I needed to travel to get to Labrador, I realised I couldn't hang around much longer so after cooking one more meal, I packed my bags. Yesterday I lrode out of Sicamous (where Chris lives) and through some light rain crossed over the rest of the Rockies, heading eastward past towering mountains and glimpses of snow-topped peaks when the clouds parted, it was beautiful scenery.

As I approached Calgary, Thelma stuttered a bit, I slowed down heard a funny whining noise and pulled off the highway at a garage (gas station for the yanks reading this).
It didn't sound good, and it was definitely the gearbox, I opened the oil filler hole and a thin plume of smoke came out - oh dear.

I had checked the oil level less than 1000 miles ago and it was fine then, the first thing to do was to top up with some more oil. Which was when I realised that no one around me was speaking English - I had ended up on First Nation land, and these people were Sioux.

I was welcomed in and helped - tracking down gearbox oil in a country where most people drive automatic cars is not easy. After pulling a blank in the garage, I started asking for a lift to the nearest town - Cochrane. But then a truck pulled up and the guy offered to get some of his gear oil from home. What a relief, he came back with it 20 minutes later, the oil filler is on the side of the engine block which makes it difficult to pour in. An amused and interested audience watched as I did my usual solo trick of leaning Thelma against a lamp post away from me so that I could pour the oil in.

I switched her on but as soon as I pulled away the bad noise started again. I got hold of my friend Grant on the phone, who advised me to contact Anderwerks in Calgary, luckliy less than 50kms away.
Once he'd cleared his workshop, Dave came out with his shiny new trailer and poor Thelma was loaded on.
I'm now at Anderwerks as they take a look to see how bad things are and at the same time, I'm trying to track down a recon gearbox.

That's bizarre!


Chris is always blowing gearbox seals and wrecking gearboxes on his GS and you've done the same on the way to visit him.  That's some kind of weird voodoo!  Like he's sappin the lifeforce from BMW gearboxes. 

Good luck with getting the bits you need.  Motorworks in Huddersfield came to out rescue with bits from afar, if you can't get them locally.


Simon, Georgie, Oscar and Connie

Words from Up North

Great to hear from you guys - had any savage swan attacks lately?

Your ears must have been burning, as Chris and I were chatting about you the other day.

It looks like Thelma's gearbox is fixed, it's been re-built and is being fitted as I write this. All the best