Farewell to Savas and Gullu the KLR

Having travelled over 2500 miles with them it was time to say farewell. I walked back across the border to Mexico with my bike helmet in hand. We had learnt quite a bit from each other, I've introduced him to wild camping and off-roading, and also the concept of the "kitty" (shared money) and what a woman means when she says she is going to "powder her nose". From him I have learnt several words in Turkish, a better appreciation of Mexico and met many of his good friends in Puerto Vallarta who had helped him out so much after his accident earlier this year. I was also pleased to witness the reverse cultural effect of religious awakenings. In common with the majority of travellers who head East, in the past I have been rudely awoken many times in the early hours of the morning by the often shrill and always loud call to prayer from the muezzin at the nearby mosque. I learnt early on to avoid hostels and hotels that were within sight of the minarets of a mosque. In Mexico, I was amused to hear Savas   (who comes from Turkey, a muslim country) complain about hostels being too close to the catholic churches, and their bells waking him up. I felt a sneaking sense of getting my own back.

Savas has been organised enough to update his website with some pictures of our journey across Mexico, including one of me harrassing a tarantula that was only trying to cross the road. If you want to take a look...



Meanwhile I am off to the beaches of the Yucatan.