Farewell Party

I may be wrestling with Soviet-style bureaucratic visas, but a more important logistical exercise needs organising - a farewell party, and so, read on...

I am combining a GS Club event (which I am hosting), with a farewell party - the weekend 24th-26th April 2009. Most people will be staying at the campsite in Treen which is near my house in south west Cornwall.

All are welcome and I look forward to seeing as many people as possible.

Can i come?

Can i come?

Best of luck

admire your sense of adventure, wishing you safe travels. Any chance you will be updating via Twitter on a daily basis?


Thanks for your messgae. I don't currently have a Twitter account, I'll be updating as often as possible on my blog, though of course any Internet access will be controlled by what's available in the towns and villages I go through