Fantastic News

BMW Motorrad USA have announced they will cover my parts and repair costs whilst I'm here in America. I think they were impressed by the large number of poeple crowding round to ask questions and get photos of Thelma at the Rally.

Many, many thanks to Laurence and the crew at BMW.

Although to quote my Dad when he heard the news:

"Bloody hell, had they seen the bike when they offered that?"

Actually Dad, yes they had seen her. So Thelma is now in good hands at Ride West in Seattle where they have ordered the parts and are taking care of her ready for the long ride to Labrador. I think I'll be here for a week as a couple of the parts may be tricky to track down - they were amazed at how I have managed to break another speedo clock and as for the fairing bracket on the front... well that was a minor fall on the way from the Rally to Seattle. I was following my friends on some small back roads when  as we came around a curve the tarmac suddenly and without any warning turned to gravel, in front of me was a BMW roadbike not at all designed for off-roading, he went wide to keep his balance just as I was having to come past, I went over to avoid hitting him and Thelma and I slid into the gravel on our sides.



nothing happened to you I presume.



Thelma was fine as usual, I had a bruised backside. Though later the rest of Thelma's front fairing bracket gave way - it had been hanging on by a thread for some time. I think the slide was the final straw, I rode the last 20 miles into Seattle with a multi-position fairing, this had the added disadvantage that when my loose indicator needed booting back into place I couldn't reach it at all even at full reach with my leg stretched in front. I had to get the other riders to push it back on for me.