Fantastic News

BMW have announced they are launching a new advertising campaign and they are going to feature me! They're making a series of five short documentary films about real life BMW owners. Each film will be shot in a different country, I am the British representative and to reflect my travelling exploits they will film me travelling through Turkey. After having a chat witht he director via an inter-continental conference call (get me!), I've been informed that I am the only motorcyclist- the other BMW owners all have vehicles with four wheels- even more of an honour. Apparently the director was particularly taken with the video sequence that Kosta had shot in Japan of me trying to make a phone call from a public call box and when I failed, harrassing a shop assistant dressed as Winnie the Pooh to do it for me. With such an inauspicious start to my filming career, I feel that things can only get improve.

So, in early March they are flying Thelma from LA and me from England to Istanbul to commence shooting. I'm hugely excited about the whole prospect and can hardly wait, I love Turkey and will now put to good use the phrases I learnt whilst travelling with Savas.


Wowww !!!!!! Su maravillosa !!!!! Felicitaciones!!!! Pamela =)