Exciting News

I'm off to Tibet in April! GlobeBusters have asked me to be an expedition guide on one of their overland trips along the Silk Road to Tibet and then up to Beijing.

More details to follow. You can check out GlobeBusters and my upcoming journey at


Nice one!!!

Does this mean you've turned your moto-wanderlust into a career now?  :-)

How do you feel about two-timing Thelma? Do you need a box to get on and off your new ride? :-)

Will you be blogging about your training?


Career Girl

As you can imagine, my Dad has been rolling his eyes with disbelief and saying stuff along the lines of...

"How on earth can bike travel be a real job?"

Thelma is fine and happy with sitting on the sidelines in Mexico for this trip- a warmer prospect than the Pamirs or the Himalayas. As for the box to get on the 1200, it's a bit of a tiptoes stretch, but I can make it. Training blogs are coming up.


Brilliant! I look forward to reading all about it :-)




Ken Haylock

(That was me above, by the way)