Eve of Departure - In London

Everything has come together and I'm at the hotel in London awaiting the rest of the group. The orange 1200 Gs BMW bike has been christened Beryl and I've been loving riding it. The new boots have come into their own, as an added bonus the reinforced soles give a platform effect and so I'm not stretching down on tiptoes to reach the ground.

I've packed my teabags, hobnobs and dried apricots. Taking a quick break to watch the Royal Wedding on TV, waving my Kate and William teatowel to cheer them on.

Be lucky!


Have fun and take care.

Simon and Georgie

Best of luck!!!

Have a fun trip!!!!!!


PS: Will you be trackable on the old SPOT again this trip?


Hope so!!





Ken Haylock

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bon voyage!

Hey Tiffy

Am sure it will be a blast, take good care and look forward to reading your entertaining (and sometimes slightly worrying) blogs....!!!


Lucy Jane xxxxxx