Dodgy Russians

No, not the people, but the parts. Dave in Calgary had pointed out that I had a Russian ignition coil on Thelma, I can't remember if it was a genuine replacement or whether at some point in Siberia when I had some work done on Thelma maybe someone decided they wanted the nice BMW ignition coil for their Ural and so swapped them over.

It had been doing OK until the last couple of weeks when instead of starting, Thelma's engine would begin whirring, I had to get a jump start a couple of times. I reached Toronto with the knowledge that it would definitely need changing before I get to the uninhabited parts of Labrador - unless I wanted to be stuck by the road for half a day waiting for someone to pass who might have jump leads, actually they're called jumper cables over here.

At Tobermory some of the people in the ferry queue had thought I was begging for money as I'd gone down the line of vehicles waiting to board asking each one for jump leads.

I got the coil from BMW and I was very lucky to find Tom Tollefson from the Toronto Horizons Unlimited community who helped me to replace the coils, showing me how to do the job myslef and also taking the lead in removing the starter motor itself and giving that a bit of a clean up.

Thelma now starts easily- roll on Labrador.