Dodging Banditos

Thelma and I have gone down into Mexico, where we are dodging banditos and the federales, whhich is a bit trickty as there are plenty of road blocks and checkpoints. It was time to leave the States for the moment, and we headed for the border at Nogales in Arizona, as I got to the edge of town I was, as usual looking out for a place to camp.  I pulled in at Safeway  to get some food and was confronted by the unusual (well it is where I come from) sight of a car blazing away in the car park and no-one else around apart from a few unfortunately placed cars. I got Thelma to safety then returned with my camera to get a photo, from behind another car. Just as the fir brigade arrived there was an explosion which found me diving for cover - call me Mrs Over-Reacting....

Feeling somewhat superstitious I took the car as an omen and decided that just maybe Nogales is not the safets place in the world to be camping wild, tales of drug smuggling and illegal immigrants abound in this area. I took the easy, though none too fragrant option of a cheap $25 motel room for the night. This is had the plus of a TV for entertainment but the negative of showing a weepy film that soon had me in floods of tears over my takeaway tacos.


Hope you are have fun and are

Hope you are have fun and are happy