Deepest, Darkest Dorset

I've just had a great weeked in Dorset (southern England for those who don't know). Camping out at the Gaggle of Geese pub in Buckland Newton with the GS Club UK and enjoying various biking and social activities. It was wonderful to catch up with so many people whom I haven't seen in a long time. I did a preview of my Mongolian Mayhem presentation and as I said at the time, I really feel I could talk non-stop for two days about that amazing journey, but my one hour slot had to suffice.

I was asked all the usual awkward questions and as for the shock absorber situation, they enjoyed the four shocks in four days saga. I was also reunited with Annie who had been such a great pillion passenger and travelling companion for two months on the road to Mongolia and who I hadn't seen since Ulaanbaatar eight months ago.

Thank you to the other Annie - Annie Hill for organising such a brilliant weekend.