Dawn Departure

Sam  here ( the glamourous sister) posting on Tiff's behalf to say she has just set off. She left at 8.30 - not quite the dawn departure. Just as she had finished packing and had just closed the pannier - urgent email arrives asking for her passport details for the Turkmenistan tourist visa  (She had to apply for  one yesterday as transit visas are not being  issued or something - don't quote me on that,  I am not the travel expert - a trip to London is an adventure for me.) so a quick unpack and a slow repack. And then she set off on what feels like the coldest day ever in May. It doesn't feel like 12 years since I stood outside our Brixton flat waving her and becky off as they set off for India - to my uneducated-about- motorbikes eye - the only difference I could see was Tiff had two plaits hanging down this time instead of the shorn head. Anyway I am on strict instructions from Tiff not to go waffling on, on her blog. A short concise entry she said... so apologies to those who pressed the read more button expecting anything interesting..