Competition Time

 A couple of days ago I had a late night phone call and under the influence of a glass of red wine, I said yes to the caller's suggestion. It was Loo asking me to join her all woman team for an off-road competition. Not just any old riding competition but the "End to End Race" from Bude at the north end of Cornwall to Sennen at the southern end. Also known as the Land's End Trial.

It's going to be all day with 90 miles of off-road tracks, and with the current weather forecast we're looking at, probably 87 miles of it will be mud.

For some reason I found myself saying yes. Annd then she said no BMW... whoops I thought!

So I'll be borrowing my long-suffering boyfriend's off-road bike. It's blue and has a chain, that's about the sum total of my knowledge about his bike. I'll give him a call at work and report back with exactly what it is. And one other thing, I don't think I can touch the ground on that beast.