Close Encouters with a Cactus

Leaving the cool temperatures and mountain landscapes of New Mexico behind, it was time to switch of my heated jacket as I entered the arid heat of Arizona. Whew, it´s hot here, the temperature has been well into the thirties (and we´re talking centigrade!). Luckily, Pamela and Steve who I´m staying with have got a pool so I can cool down, Wrigley the dog also joins me in the pool.

The cacti are amazing, I hadn´t realised how many different kinds there are and they seem to take them to extremes in Arizona. I´ve been pierced through my leather trousers and they have also left their prickly masses on Thelma, sticking into the HT leads amongst other spots. I'm trying to be careful as I think they could easily puncture a tyre and I have had enough flat tyres to last me for a while.