Chinese Takeaways

  Never one to be shy about what I eat, I've been making the most of the street stalls and stands that are scattered throughout every town and village in China, with some varied results. The dark brown boiled egg merited a small bite before being given to one of the street people. The weird and wonderful array of tofu has been a big hit with me. I have to admit, I often don’t even know what it is I’m putting in my mouth, just that it’s definitely not meat or fish.

The crowds gathered when I was at some street stands in Xining, the locals watching me with interest as I sampled a number of dishes, none of them costing more than 1 Yuan (10 pence in my money). At first I take a good look at the food on display, then watch how it’s prepared and then finally eaten.  If I’m opting for a takeaway, then the food is shoved unceremoniously into a small, see-though plastic bag, knotted at the top and handed over. There have been times when I’ve realised in the nick of time, that whoops, the item I’m inspecting isn’t actually vegetarian in origin...sheep’s penis anyone?