Camping with Cougars

I headed out at the weekend with the South Park posse - no not THAT South Park, but the ones from South Seattle. We went camping in the Cascades where there are some great rough camping spots, we had a nice one next to a creek (picking up Americanisms there) not far from a lake/reservoir where we could swim. Some passing hikers said they had seen a cougar near our camp but unfortunately I didn't manage to find one. All I spotted was a small squashed snake that I found on the dirt track and brought back to camp to be identified- it turned out to only be a garter snake. The mosquitoes were the most persistent wildlife in attendance.To everyone's shock I had to admit my ignorance in that I had never eaten a Smore, something I'd heard about in films and novels - one smoky campfire evening later and i was fully conversant with the skills required to toast the marshmallow and then sandwich it between two biscuits and a small slab of chocolate - followed by an attempt to eat it without getting covered in sticky sweet stuff. One was enough for me.